Due to licensing restrictions, Dr. Walsh offers different services based on the patient’s location during the appointment.

For Washington state residents, Dr. Walsh offers telemedicine services that can be billed to insurance. She can act as a doctor, and order tests, prescribe medication, and officially diagnose because she holds a naturopathic medical license in Washington state.

Dr Walsh is also licensed in California, where she can practice in a similar way to Washington. However, visits are usually not covered by insurance.

For out of state clients, Dr. Walsh offers educational consults for those suffering from digestive and mold related conditions and who wish to learn more. These consults are educational in nature, and are not meant to substitute for regular medical care. During these consults, Dr. Walsh cannot diagnose, order tests, or prescribe medication, and these services cannot be billed to insurance.

A credit card on file is required to book an appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, 24 hours’ notice is required in order to allow time to fill the empty appointment. If you do not give 24 hours’ notice, you are liable for a cancellation fee of $50. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to schedule online, you can do so below. If you do not see times that work for you, you can email drcaseywalsh@gmail.com or call/text 206-312-1985. Please note that I am only working with patients via live video and phone appointments at this time.